Software Highlights Licensing Fees
Vehicle Inventory
Complete VIN Decoder
Automatic insertion of trades and removal of sold units.
Stores vehicle repair tickets.
Supports Multiple Locations and Vehicle Readiness Statuses
Reporting on Inventory Valuation and Aging Reports. Floor Plan Tracking.
Available - Internet Inventory publishing
Prospect Management
Track every Prospect your salesman work with
All of the Deal features of finance
Moves Closed Prospects to Finance for Printng
Avaialalbe - Download of Internet Prospects
Finance Module
Supports Quick Notes, Odd last payments, GAP, Credit Life and Disability
Payment Roll Back and Set Payment features.
Can handle multiple finance sources with different calculation methods.
Deal recap showing costs, gross profit, F&I profit, commissions and NET/NET.
Non Copyright PDF Forms Printing Included
Sales Reporting
Analyze your Profit with reports by salesman, date, etc.
Commission reports for payroll, F&I Logs, Customer Master List
Sale Journal with detailed Cost Financed Analysis for in-house notes.
Letter Writing with information merged from your data for customized letters

600 Initial and $50/month

Copyrighted PDF Forms Printing
Wolter Kluwer - Bankers Systems - PDF Contracts.
LAW 553 PDF Contracts
$120 initial and $10/Month
$2/deal WK/BS is used On
$3/deal LAW is used On
Legacy Dot Matrix Forms Printing
Prints state, dealer and bank finance, warranty, and credit life forms.
Requires OKI 320 or 321 Printer and parallel port.
$120 initial and $10/month
per 10 Contracts
Additional Users
Have Access to complete ACS system from local network computers.
Password Security to limit who is able to perform selected functions.
$125 initial and $10/month
Per User
Remote Backup Services
Keep your ACS data backup up to the cloud.
$120 initial and $10/month
Lease and Balloon Modules
Complete lease calculations and forms printing.
SMARTLEASE, REDCARPET and many others available.
$240 initial and $20/month
Software is licensed on monthly basis with no long term contracts
5% Discount when setup with Electronic Autopay.
Initial software license includes remote install and setup. If you have not used the ACS software before or are setting more that one user on a local network we recommend you purchase onsite training and network support. Recommended training for Finance Professional is 2 hours plus 1 hour per local networked computer.

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