Finance Pro

is the foundation of the ACS System.  It manages  inventory, tracks  prospects,  desks  deals, prints forms and state report while tracking your  profit.

It  can be integrated with your online CRM and website.     Combine it with  Dealer Pro and  you have a fully integrated Dealer Management System.

Collector Pro

We have 3 versions of Collector Pro:  Simple Interest Collections, Precomputed Interest Collections and Rent To Own Collections. 

Each version can handle RFC's and  be expanded to process credit cards and ACH's  thru REPAY or to transmit Metro II credit reports thru Credit Manager.

Dealer Pro

seamlessly integrates Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger with the rest of the system to complete your Management System.

Customized easy to read P&L and Balance Sheets along with scheduled accounts (detailed by stock number or deal number)  separates us from QB.

  Service Pro

Professional Service Tickets that automatically transfer to accounting and keep your inventory updated while providing accountability in your  shop.

This is the final puzzle piece fore dealers that  maintain a service facility.  We also offer an extensive parts inventory management system if needed.

Request a Demo 

We love to show people how our software can work for them so if you are interested in making your dealership more efficient and making your life easier, simply fill out the form and we will contact you to schedule a demo of the software.

Our story

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